Q4 2023 Product Innovation Update: What’s New in Spanning

In a world where data integrity and accessibility are paramount, we stand firm in our mission to offer robust SaaS backup and recovery solutions that are smart and powerful yet easy to manage and use. We recently conducted our fourth-quarter product innovation update webinar, where we showcased our continuous dedication to enhancing our products for maximized IT efficiency and data protection.

Most small and midsize businesses often lack specialized personnel. As a result, today’s multifunctional IT professionals are expected to do more with less or DO IT ALL, often juggling between various disparate applications and interfaces. This not only increases IT burden and costs but also impacts efficiency and productivity. Kaseya’s IT Complete addresses these challenges by offering cost-effective, closely integrated modern IT solutions.

Spanning Backup, a part of our backup suite, embodies the core principles of the IT Complete platform, ensuring that it is complete, intelligent, integrated and affordable for our customers. At the core of our solutions is the drive to provide comprehensive protection that goes beyond mere backups. We offer an integrated system that not only secures data but also intelligently manages it. Our commitment doesn’t stop there, though. Our solutions remain competitively priced, making superior SaaS data protection accessible to all.

Recapping major innovations and product updates

At Spanning, we aim to make SaaS backup and recovery as simple, hassle-free and affordable as possible. Our latest innovations, feature releases and integrations reflect our efforts toward that goal.

Salesforce regional datacenter expansion

We understand the distinct needs of every business, including the importance of maintaining data sovereignty and adhering to rigorous industry regulations. Upholding your ability to control your valuable data’s location for enhanced security, we’ve established three new data centers in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Your organization’s vital data stored in Spanning’s secure tenant will never leave the region, ensuring compliance for your data and organization. Our strategically distributed data centers are designed to be highly secure, scalable and reliable, aligning with the specific requirements of our diverse customer base. Our data centers adhere to stringent security standards, including SOC II Type 2 certification, encrypted transfers and managed encryption. Additionally, we offer 24/7/365 support, guaranteeing that professional assistance is readily available with just an email or phone call.

Backup for Salesforce integrated into UniView

You can now add the UniView integration to your Spanning Backup for Salesforce instance to manage backups right from UniView. Once you’ve added the integration, use these UniView features:

Backup status

Use the Salesforce view to manage organization mappings, view license and storage information, and check the status of your organization’s recent backups. You don’t need to plug into Spanning anymore. When Salesforce is down, you can use UniView to plug in and get access to your backups.

BackupIQ alerts

BackupIQ generates alerts for failed or missing Spanning Salesforce backups. If you’ve integrated your PSA system (Autotask, BMS, Vorex or ConnectWise Manage), BackupIQ creates a ticket in your PSA for each backup alert. You can also opt to receive email notifications for these alerts.

Integrated Customer Billing for Spanning Microsoft 365 and Spanning Google Workspace backup

With the new Customer Billing for Spanning Microsoft 365 and Spanning Google Workspace Backup integrations, you can now post Spanning license information to your Autotask, BMS or Vorex PSA. Once you have integrated your PSA, KaseyaOne and Spanning Backup with UniView, you can set up mappings to update Spanning license data nightly in your PSA. This license data can then be used by your PSA when generating invoices.

FLEXspend for Spanning

With technological advancements, including the rise of cloud computing, the digital landscape is experiencing a transformative shift, reshaping the way businesses operate. According to the 2023 State of the Cloud Report by Flexera, a staggering 87% of cloud decision-makers are adopting a multicloud approach. As such, flexible, scalable and secure IT solutions have become paramount to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics.

In the ever-evolving business environment where change is the only constant, FLEXspend for Spanning future-proofs your IT investments while empowering you to adapt to business needs seamlessly. With FLEXspend for Spanning, you can easily reassign your backup investments to a different Spanning or Unitrends solution, even during a committed service contract. The unique program allows you to plan data backup and disaster recovery budgets and requirements without being locked into the underlying infrastructure or platform. FLEXspend for Spanning safeguards your business and backup investments, allowing you to cater to your data protection needs no matter where it lives.

At Spanning, we work relentlessly to deliver cutting-edge SaaS backup solutions that are not only powerful but also remarkably easy to use. The core of our innovation is to empower businesses like yours with resilient, state-of-the-art SaaS backup and recovery solutions that simplify data protection without compromising efficiency or reliability.

The latest innovations and product updates unveiled during the webinar are strategically aligned to enhance IT efficiency and strengthen SaaS data protection. These updates will empower your business, enabling you to focus on core operations without worrying about data loss or backup complications.

Watch the webinar recording to learn about the latest updates in detail. You can also schedule a personalized demo to experience the powerful capabilities of Spanning Backup.

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