Salesforce Admin Survey 2016 – The #SFAdmin Forecast Is Picture Perfect (Almost)

The Third Annual State of the Salesforce Admin and Developer Survey reflects more than 500 responders from the Salesforce Success Community. Continuing last year’s “responses = donations,” our fantastic responders have ensured 150 homeless children will receive books through Project Night Night! And based on Survey responses, we know the forecast looks almost perfect for the Community.

  • Salesforce experience boosts career opportunities. Our survey shows that 75% of respondents believe their Salesforce experience has provided an entirely new career path and 71% believe it’s increased their value in the workplace.
  • Professionalism is strong. Certifications are still high – 64% of this year’s respondents note they have one or more Certifications, even though that number is down from last year’s 74%. And, 89% of them have completed Trails in Trailhead to learn more about Salesforce.
  • Diversity is valued. As Salesforce notes, “[Diversity is] vital to strengthening our company, delivering customer success, giving back to our communities, winning as a team, and attracting and retaining top talent.” The Community reflects that commitment. In this year’s Survey, 63% of responders—a mix of Admins and Developers—were female. In contrast, according to recent research by Dalberg, in technical roles outside Salesforce and its ecosystem, only 12% are filled by women.

Almost perfect, yes, but there are a few clouds on the horizon. The most notable is a 5% increase in the number of those who report neither using the Weekly Export—nor any other form of data protection! Salesforce themselves suggest using an AppExchange ISV partner to protect your data and metadata—so this is an alarming finding.

Bad things can happen to fantastic people. That’s why Spanning Backup for Salesforce was created—to help admins and developers quickly and easily recover from accidental or malicious data loss. So whether you’re using the Weekly Export, or nothing at all, come see us at Booth 106 at Dreamforce ‘16 or on the AppExchange.