Salesforce Admins and Developers: Learning, Diversity and Data Protection, Texas-Style

Salesforce admins and developers in the Lone Star State, Texas Dreamin’ and Salesforce Saturday in Austin will bring more than 30 presentations and a diverse brain trust of MVPs and Community leaders to help you sharpen your skills and build your network. We’re delighted to support both events.

Texas Dreamin'

At Texas Dreamin’, you’ll learn from Salesforce superstars like Shonnah Hughes, Steve Molis, David Liu, Ayori Selassie, David Zamora, and many others—and you’ll make connections that will last your whole career. At Salesforce Saturday, you’ll join Stephanie Herrera and other Salesforce leaders to #AlwaysBeLearning with hands-on, informal skills development. These events are being held deep in the heart of Spanning-land (we’re headquartered in Austin, Texas) and Salesforce Saturday will be held at our main offices.

Spanning is not only proud to sponsor and support both events, we’re equally proud to protect your Salesforce data and customizations with Spanning Backup for Salesforce. Although Salesforce provides protection from data loss on their side via sophisticated security infrastructure and systems, they cannot protect you from issues on your side, such as:

  • Accidental overwrites of good data with bad during mass data loads
  • Sync errors and app integration errors that lead to data loss
  • Recycle Bin overflows that accidentally delete not just parent data, but related child data

To avoid a painful, lengthy recovery process—if recovery is possible—for those and similar data loss issues, Salesforce recommends you use a third-party AppExchange solution like ours. But don’t just take our word for it, see what Salesforce leaders and admins have to say on the AppExchange.

Come test drive Spanning’s new metadata comparison feature at our Texas Dreamin’ kiosk, or at our office during Salesforce Saturday.

And whether you’re going to Texas Dreamin’ and Salesforce Saturday, or if you can’t be there this time around, remember to #BackThatSaaSUp!

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