Salesforce Data Backup and Restore: One New Feature, Many Different Use Cases

Salesforce admins and developers have told us that Spanning Backup for Salesforce’s new feature, overwriting field values in bulk restore, has proven invaluable.

With it, they can easily:

  • Restore objects owned by inactive users without jumping through hoops
  • Restore records that do not have values for newly added required fields
  • Populate sandboxes with anonymized data for sensitive fields
  • Automatically overwrite the values of various lookup fields to avoid import failures.

We’ve heard from many that a specific enhancement would make it even more powerful—and we listened.

Salesforce admins and developers can now save frequently-used settings for overwriting field values when doing bulk restores as one or more customizable, reusable presets—a real time-saver when seeding sandboxes. Other use cases include saving overwrites of values for various lookup fields; or for cross-org restores, using overwrite values with your custom selections to mask data.

Spanning Backup for Salesforce save overwrite presets

We not only protect your Salesforce data and metadata with automatic daily and on-demand backup, we enable rapid, easy restores and metadata management, for example:

  • Metadata comparison
    Use case 1 – Your org needs to refresh or seed a sandbox.
    Use case 2 – You need to identify what metadata may have changed since a specific point-in-time backup.

With Spanning Backup for Salesforce admins and developers now have a better way, one that will likely save hours of manual effort. No longer will you need to do “blind restores,” attempting to restore object data without knowing if there are metadata differences between two orgs, or if the metadata has been changed since a particular point-in-time backup in same org.

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