The Salesforce World Tour Hannover at CeBit 2017: Growing Salesforce Interest in Germany

The Salesforce World Tour Hannover was held at CeBIT 2017, focusing on their new Lightning Experience, and supporting the rapid growth of Salesforce in Germany following the launch of their German data center in 2015. In this post, you’ll learn more about Salesforce’s impact in Germany, the Salesforce World Tour in Hannover, and what Salesforce says regarding data protection.


The Positive Impact of Salesforce Adoption in Germany

It’s only fitting that the largest tech trade show in the world played host to the leader in SaaS CRM. According to IDC’s “Salesforce Economic Impact Model, 2016,” from 2015-16 Salesforce’s business revenue in Germany grew 20%, and direct job creation grew almost 30%. With German customers like Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetranke AG, Koenig & Bauer, and Deutsche Post, and with forecasted impact of nearly 230% increase in indirect jobs from 2015-20, Salesforce has become a trusted partner for German organizations. During this early growth in Salesforce adoption in Germany, the Salesforce World Tour Hannover provided some CeBIT attendees with their first look at Salesforce as a platform for innovation.

“Among those we spoke with, we met some attendees who were not familiar with Salesforce,” said Daivat Dholakia, Product Manager, Spanning Backup for Salesforce. “But even those unfamiliar with Salesforce asked interesting questions about what Spanning does to meet the need for SaaS data protection. The use of SaaS and cloud applications like Salesforce, Office 365 and G Suite are increasing in Germany, and with that comes a need for cloud-to-cloud backup and restore. Even Salesforce says so – ‘we recommend that you use a partner backup solution that can be found on the Appexchange…’”


Spanning Backup for Salesforce at CeBIT

Christian Szandor Knapp, Lead Salesforce Developer at appero GmbH and Co-Leader of the Munich Salesforce Developer User Group Meetup, met Daivat and was introduced to Spanning at CeBIT. Christian used to work as Dev-Admin/Head of CRM in one of Germany’s better known startups, and said, “The Salesforce World Tour at CeBIT provided a fantastic experience for those who are new to the platform as well as for those already part of the Salesforce Ohana, the community. There is always something to learn about what Salesforce can do and about what Salesforce cannot do – and one thing they cannot do is to protect me and my users regarding data loss. Until I met Daviat, this had given me some serious headaches in the past.”

“Data backup and protection takes effort, and it is a priority for us here,” Christian continued. “Since appero is very focused on development in Lightning Components, I was glad to see Spanning has been certified Lightning Ready as well.”

Christian is one of many experienced Salesforce professionals who gladly confirm the Salesforce Data Export service is not enough to maintain and protect your historic Salesforce data and metadata. To see how easy it can be to protect your investment in Salesforce, start a free 14-day trial of Spanning Backup for Salesforce.