Say Goodbye to Weekly Exports with New Spanning Backup and Restore for Salesforce

As of today, Salesforce Administrators around the world will never see their weekly, manual exports as the only way to store and protect their mission-critical Salesforce data. Thanks to our latest release of Spanning Backup for Salesforce, the first backup and recovery product to be delivered directly through the Salesforce user interface.

This significant release includes an on-page Salesforce data restore function that makes it easy for end users to quickly and easily compare and recover previous versions of Salesforce data objects, such as Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts.

Not just recovery – restore: now available for Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Commitment to the proper execution of restore is what sets Spanning apart from competitors. We believe that backups are only as good as the restore that comes with them, so we’ve made it our mission to provide high-value, fine-tuned, and user-friendly restore features for each product we develop.

We’re redefining data recovery by insisting that if you can’t easily get your information directly back into your SaaS applications exactly the way it was before, then your backups aren’t worth what they could (and should) be. In fact, they may cost you – time, effort, and productivity spent reimporting data in a less usable form, recreating data that wasn’t properly backed up, or waiting for your entire database to be recovered instead of just the objects you need.

With Spanning Backup, you not only get automated, secure, daily backup and recovery for all of your Salesforce data (from your Accounts, Contacts, and Leads to your metadata and attachments), but you also get complete restores: the retrieval and replacement of your data, from any point in time, directly back into your Salesforce records. This allows you to get back to work sooner than any other solution.

How it works

End users can initiate the restore of data from any point in time by simply clicking “Restore” from a record and then comparing and selecting individual fields to restore within object records, such as phone numbers, activity logs or attachments.

This process requires no training for the user and can be completed in just a few clicks! Spanning Backup for Salesforce also uniquely enforces field-level security, ensuring that users only see and restore data they are authorized to edit.

The importance of restore for Salesforce

For more than 100,000 organizations, Salesforce data – customer details, sales, marketing and financials – is their lifeblood, and the risk of data loss is real. Individual records and fields can be mistakenly overwritten, maliciously destroyed or corrupted. When information in a record is lost, end users must contact an administrator to use an optionally configured field history report or attempt to find and restore the specific record from a local, weekly export. Alternatives provided through Salesforce are costly and time-consuming.

These risks and costs can be avoided completely with backup and restore for Salesforce. “SaaS applications provide users with reduced cost, increased flexibility, and higher business productivity,” explains Spanning CEO Jeff Erramouspe. “Nothing disrupts productivity more than data loss events, which happen far more often than most companies realize. Spanning is committed to maintaining productivity by ensuring that lost data is restored quickly and accurately by the end user without the need for IT intervention. Losing data is something that Spanning customers don’t need to worry about when using Google Workspace or Salesforce.”

So instead of worrying – and instead of spending precious time downloading, storing, and recovering data from weekly, manual exports – start properly protecting your Salesforce data by choosing a solution that offers meaningful cloud-to-cloud backups: backups that can be directly restored to your Salesforce environment, accurately and effortlessly.

Try Spanning Backup for Salesforce free for 14 days or, request a demo. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.