SendGrid Finds Peace of Mind in Salesforce Backup

It’s hard to overstate the importance of data stored within Customer records, contracts, reports, and sales information providing the lifeblood of entire enterprises reside in the applications powered by the platform. After adopting Salesforce, it’s hard to imagine doing business without it, but countless companies still haven’t asked themselves what they might do if they suddenly lost their Salesforce data.

Data loss can and does frequently happen in Salesforce; accidental deletion and other forms of human error, malicious insiders and hackers, and sync errors can all cause critical information to disappear. To help keep businesses moving forward without losing time and energy to data loss, Salesforce offers a weekly, manual backup option that users can download and store for safekeeping. Unfortunately, this only captures your entire database every seven days and doesn’t include metadata and customizations you make inside Salesforce. The manual, weekly export and $10,000 data recovery option provided by Salesforce were never intended to be used as a first line of defense. In fact, the company refers to this solution as a “last resort” in their success community help page. That’s why Salesforce recommends using a third-party backup and recovery partner to provide more complete protection for your most important information.

One keen Salesforce customer, SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery provider, has always understood the importance of protecting all the valuable customer information in Salesforce. Concerned about data vulnerability, they turned to Spanning for a daily, automated backup solution with sophisticated restore capabilities to ensure that their Salesforce data and metadata would be fully protected and accessible at all times.

“We needed additional functionality and metadata in our weekly export option in order to best protect our customer information. The fact that Spanning backs up everything, not just data, really provides peace of mind for our team.”

-Kerry McDonough, Business Systems Administrator for SendGrid.

Now SendGrid has an in-app backup solution they can simply “set and forget,” along with the industry’s most advanced and accurate restore – down to the field level, from any point in time.

Read the customer story below to learn countless other reasons why McDonough and SendGrid are so pleased with Spanning Backup for Salesforce and why SendGrid believes backup and restore for Salesforce is crucial to keeping their growing company moving in the right direction.


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