Spanning Announces Office 365 Backup

Office 365, like all SaaS applications, has seen explosive growth with 7.1 million users as of last quarter, a 27% increase from the previous quarter. For companies that want to recognize the benefits of the cloud – for example, improved collaboration and increased mobility – but don’t want to exactly reinvent the wheel, Office 365 is an attractive prospect.

Being a SaaS vendor ourselves, we’re excited about the growth of the SaaS market, but we continue to see people moving to the cloud in droves without a solid data protection plan in place. “Corporate data is corporate data, regardless of whether it resides on datacenter servers or cloud-services – and it needs to be protected,” said Jason Buffington, senior analyst at ESG. “With organizations of all sizes moving to Office 365 at a rapid pace, it is critical that the same rigor for data protection that IT places on datacenter data is also applied to cloud-based data – and folks need to understand that most SaaS solutions don’t do protection, preservation or retention, just availability. Bad or missing data halts productivity, so what Spanning does is critical to minimizing risk of data loss in this application.” Spanning aims to close the data protection gap and prevent data loss for Office 365 users just as we’ve done for years with Google Workspace and Salesforce users.

Spanning Backup for Office 365 will come with the features Spanning customers have come to expect and love, including:

  • Automatic daily and on-demand backups
  • Point-in-time, granular restores
  • Cross-user restores
  • Mobile-ready, intuitive design
  • Industry-leading security
  • Unlimited storage

We’re the first to offer enterprise-grade backup and restore capabilities on any device. Our customers will be able to restore data from anywhere on tablets, smartphones or desktops; customers expect this sort of usability, and Spanning is happy to be delivering it.

You can find out more information about Spanning Backup for Office 365 here.