Spanning Backup for Office 365 Q3 Updates

It’s been a busy quarter here at Spanning, and our engineers and product team have been hard at work delivering exciting updates to Spanning Backup for Office 365. Scroll through or watch this short video to stay up-to-date on the new features and functionality.

Cross-Site Collection Restores

With this feature, we now allow customers to choose the Site Collection where they want to restore their Sharepoint data. This would be very useful if the source Site Collection is deleted in the Office 365 environment. .

SharePoint Backup Performance

SharePoint uses throttling to maintain optimal performance and reliability. Throttling limits the number of user actions or concurrent calls (by script or code) to prevent overuse of resources. In short, a sub-optimal scenario at the very least. In this update we’ve improved backup performance by reducing the amount of time, and calls, spent collecting folders to backup. All for a smoother and faster backup!

OneDrive Export and Backup Performance

Customers can now export OneDrive content. The folder structure of the original content is retained on export. OneDrive backup performance has also been fine-tuned and daily backups performance has improved by over 80%.

Restore Notifications

No need to check the Spanning Backup UI to know the status of your restore. In our quest to make backup and restore seamless and easy from start to finish, Spanning will now send out an email notification on completion of a restore. The email will be sent out to the user who initiated the restore, once the restore is fully completed, no matter if the restore is successful, partial or failed.

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