Spanning Backup Launches

spanning-backup-icon-251w.png After months of beta testing, Spanning Backup for Google Workspace has launched. Since the beta began, we’ve backed up over 100 million calendar events, contacts, and docs for our users. That’s 100 million fewer things they have to worry about.

Now the ability to back up Google Calendar, Contacts, and Docs is commercially available at

Data loss and corruption is a serious problem for Google Workspace users. Browse through the Google Workspace help forums and you’ll find hundreds of posts from users who have lost their data and need help. The usual reply, when one is given, is, “Sorry, your data is gone for good.” If those users had been using Spanning Backup, they’d be able to restore their data with just a couple of clicks.

Clay Spinuzzi is an associate professor at the University of Texas and an early user of Spanning Backup. Here’s what he has so say:

I’ve been using Google Docs almost daily since 2006, and I’m totally sold on cloud-based word processing. But how about cloud-based backups? For years, I had to safeguard my thousands of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations by manually downloading them once a week – and I always worried that I would miss something. But with Spanning Backup, I never have to worry about backups. Backup is dependable, browsing files is easy, and restoring a file is transparent. It just works.

Spanning Backup is a pure cloud-based application built on Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SQS, EBS, CloudFront, and CloudWatch) and designed to scale to millions of users. It uses a number of Google API’s (Calendar, Contacts, DocList, Docs, Spreadsheets, Provisioning, AuthSub, and OpenID Federated Login) and is natively integrated with the Google Workspace Marketplace to support domain-wide provisioning and Google Universal Navigation.

The service is available for individuals at or for entire Google Workspace domains on the Google Workspace Marketplace at

After a 14-day free trial period, a subscription costs $3/month or $30/year per user. Educational, non-profit, and volume discounts are available. Spanning Sync customers get an automatic $10 discount off their first year’s subscription.

Spanning Sync, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2006 by Charlie Wood and Larry Hendricks. The company’s eponymous product syncs calendars and contacts between Apple and Google applications. The company is profitable and has tens of thousands of customers in 58 countries.

For more information please contact [email protected].