Spanning by EMC Introduces a Better Way to Protect Office 365 Data from Loss

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of Spanning Backup for Office 365 which provides daily, automated and on-demand backup and accurate restore of Mail. Soon, we will extend support to Calendars, People (Contacts), OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.

Spanning Backup for Office 365 has been available in Beta since early 2015 and has seen tremendous interest and growth in just a few short months. Office 365 admins want a better way to recover lost or deleted mail, calendars, contacts and files – to help them reduce lost productivity and focus on moving the business forward.

There is a very clear surge of interest in cloud application data protection with analysts and customers alike realizing that SaaS applications must have a third-party backup solution in place. Jason Buffington, senior analyst at ESG, says,

“With organizations of all sizes moving to Office 365 at a rapid pace, it is critical that the same rigor for data protection that IT places on datacenter data is also applied to cloud-based data – and folks need to understand that most SaaS solutions don’t do protection, preservation or retention, just availability. Bad or missing data halts productivity, so what Spanning does is critical to minimizing risk of data loss in this application.”

Helping customers achieve more in Office 365

As IT organizations are being asked to get more done with fewer resources, fast, accurate and easy restores of lost data is essential. No longer is it acceptable to wait hours, days or weeks to get back the data that was lost due to any number of reasons.

When we introduced Spanning Backup for Office 365 at Microsoft Ignite, we heard from hundreds of savvy IT organizations migrating to Office 365 who understand that they are still responsible for protecting their data – that there are common data loss events, such as user, configuration, and integration errors, from which Microsoft does not provide a way to recover.

That’s why we built Spanning Backup for Office 365 with a focus on enabling IT administrators and end users to quickly and easily find and restore lost data with no training required.

How it works today

Spanning Backup for Office 365, currently available for Mail, automatically performs daily backups of each Exchange Online mailbox, retaining all previous versions and providing unlimited storage. End users or admins can view a “snapshot” of what a mailbox looked like from any historical version, and restore some or all of their email from that backup. They can also search across backups to find specific lost email. Here are a few key capabilities customers are using today:

  • Point-in-time, granular restores: To ensure organizations can quickly and accurately restore data to its full and original state, Spanning Backup for Office 365 captures point-in-time snapshots of data and important metadata like folder structure and categories.
  • Cross-user restores: Admins also have the ability to quickly restore email to any other user within their Office 365 tenant. This streamlines the workflow for when an employee leaves the organization – so admins can restore some, or all, of the departing user’s mail to their manager or a backfill.
  • Transparent, actionable reporting and alerts: Spanning’s transparent status reporting provides admins confidence in the completeness of their backups with visibility into any problems experienced along with guidance to resolve them.
  • Mobile-friendly UI: Mobility is central to the user interface design of Spanning Backup for Office 365 to match the way busy admins work – anytime, anywhere, on any device, from phone to tablet to laptop or desktop.

What’s next?

We are setting out to protect the entire Office 365 suite with the industry’s most trusted, enterprise-ready backup and restore solution for each component of Office 365 starting with Mail today, quickly followed by Calendars and People. We will extend support to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint soon after.

Want to see Spanning Backup for Office 365 in action? Take a tour of the product!

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