Spanning is One of Austin Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers of 2014!

Aw, shucks! We don’t like to brag, but when it comes to recognizing the people and programs that make this company such a desirable place to work, we can’t hold back. Our corporate wellness program, along with our employee culture – dedicated to health, hard work, and personal growth – has earned Spanning a place among the 2014  Healthiest Employers of Central Texas.

Recognized by The Austin Business Journal, the Healthiest Employers Award honors the most outstanding health and wellness programs created and implemented by local companies. This year, we selected our top five healthiest employees to be the guests of honor at the March 28 celebration at the Hyatt Regency Austin. These fitness buffs will enjoy breakfast and a 1-mile walk around Lady Bird Lake as part of this year’s ceremony.

So, who are Spanning’s top five healthiest? Get to know them by reading their stories and wellness tips below.

Ashley Price: Ashley is a software engineer at Spanning, where she is a full stack development rockstar, but specializes in front-end. She’s also a local chapter leader and instructor at Girl Develop It, and a serious weight-lifter! Ashley has a lifelong relationship with fitness through strength training, and keeps her metabolism revved (and her body trim) with several small, protein-packed meals throughout the day.




Mike Pav: VP of Engineering, Mike Pav, balances an extremely demanding job with a healthy lifestyle supported by frequent exercise and homegrown foods. “I build exercise into my schedule, which means pushing other things out, especially things that do not contribute to making me feel better or being more productive,” he says. His favorite way to stay fit is through running, which helps him strip away life’s distractions. “No music, rarely a watch, just me on the trail aware of my pace, my breathing, and the world around me. I believe that you need to tackle projects that take years of practice and that occasional competition helps keep you focused. For me that translates into running the marathon.” Regarding his diet, Pav emphasizes, “I’m married to a wonderful chef and maintain a garden year round, so simply prepared, non-processed, seasonal foods are key.”



Vince Dietsch: Vince is a Software Engineer here at Spanning, and claims he’s “not exactly a fit person, more a competitive one: In a former life, my resume includes 11 marathons and 4 Ironman triathlons (3 of them in Hawaii).” Now he exercises his competitive spirit through bike racing. He’s an award winning member of the AustinBikes racing team, and says he currently “races as a Category 3 road racer, but I’m trying to move up to a Category 2.” To pump enough calories into his body to keep up with all that racing, Vince eats “things a 5-year-old would like, which is surprisingly effective fuel for daily riding. Pepperoni pizza, pasta, burgers, and breakfast tacos are some of my favorites.” His recommendations for others trying to stay healthy?


“First, don’t follow my eating habits. Second, find something you like to either do or eat that is healthy for you, and to do it in a sustainable way. Fads and binges don’t last – consistency will always win out, so find something positive that makes you happy that you can consistently do.”

Josh Grothe: A founding member of the Push-Up Club, Josh recommends, “Fruit in the morning, push-ups in the afternoon with a sandwich. Try to sweat. Work hard. Vegetables with dinner. Read daily and go to bed early.” He also stays fit by riding his bike to work regularly and doing a calorie-blasting celebratory dance each time he closes a deal for the Spanning sales team.



Joel Rosinbum: Another software engineer, Joel leads a double life an international athlete! He has been a member of the USA Paratriathalon National Team, with several impressive titles, and has even appeared in local fitness magazines. As if he needs to burn any more calories, Joel also keeps an eye on his health by chasing his adorable dog, Ivy, around the office. He is set to compete in the ITU World Championships in Edmonton, Canada, and hopes to participate in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.  




Congratulations to our health nuts – keep up the good work, and we’ll keep supporting health and wellness as top priorities within the company.

Want to be part of a company that encourages health through a corporate wellness program that includes weekly exercise, yoga, and massage sessions? Tell us what you could bring to the team!