Spanning Joins Dell Technologies – Let the Transformation Begin

Dell Technologies, SpanningWe’re excited about making tech history by participating in the world’s largest technology merger as Dell and EMC combine forces to become the premier end-to-end technology company. The momentous acquisition is effective today and that means that we are now Spanning, a part of Dell Technologies.

For the team at Spanning, I have to quote Yogi Berra here, “It’s like déjà vu, all over again.” Since being acquired by EMC in October of 2014, we’ve transformed into a more global, enterprise-ready software company meeting the demands of our customers and partners as they embrace the possibilities of the cloud. We continue to deliver on all levels but with even better quality including better products, better service, greater global reach, and better overall operations. We’re the most well-equipped SaaS backup and recovery solution provider to serve the world’s largest organizations as they transform their own businesses and move more and more business-critical data to the cloud.

Spanning has evolved into a leading enterprise-class SaaS data protection provider. EMC has introduced our products into some of the world’s largest companies and, while our sales model has shifted from an SMB-oriented transactional sales model to a relationship-driven enterprise one, we’ve continued to serve all of our smaller customers very well. No customer has been left behind.

Further, we have been able to launch a new product for Office 365, added data centers in Europe, and gained serious momentum with the channel all around the globe. Yes, we are stronger than ever thanks to the efforts of our EMC family (and the amazing Spanning team, of course!).

When the Dell-EMC merger announcement was made in October 2015, we knew we were in for an exciting ride. We could only imagine how the new organization would be aligned, what the new mission would be and, of course, what the future of Spanning would look like. And, now we know.

We are excited to be able to extend SaaS data protection to more customers around the world as we focus on our core mission — to help organizations harness the power of the cloud by freeing them from worry about data loss. That’s the clear value that both Dell and EMC have seen in Spanning’s offerings — just as our customers and partners have all along the way. With this merger, we now increase our ability to effectively serve SMB and mid-market customers, while not losing the ground we’ve gained in the enterprise market. Dell sells a tremendous amount of both Office 365 and Google Apps, two of the three SaaS applications we back up. Our ability to offer those customers a value-added (and must have) SaaS data protection product makes transitioning to the cloud even easier.

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come. We’re just getting started!