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Introducing Error Only Email

One of the most requested features for Spanning Backup for Office 365 is sending a plain text, no-frills email to an external email address. We call the feature Error Only Email and it’s live on Spanning Backup for Office 365. We think this feature will help customers who manage one or more Spanning Backup for Office 365 tenant by enabling external workflows for systems like BMS, ConnectWise and Microsoft Power Automate. Any service that can act on an inbound email can make use of Error Only Email.

Easy Configuration

To configure the service, open Spanning Backup for Office 365 and navigate to the Settings tab:

  1. Click Services.
  2. On the Services page ensure the feature toggle is turned on.
  3. Click Add+ to add a new email address.
  4. Finally, click Send Test Email to send a test email to the addresses in the list. This is useful for workflow testing.

Note: In this first release of the feature, we send up to a maximum of five error emails a day. In the next release, we’ll give you control over how many messages to send. We’re also planning additional configuration and control options.

Get the Message

The message we send looks like this:

Tenant Name is the Azure Active Directory tenant name.
Tenant ID is the unique ID of your Azure Active Directory Tenant. This never changes, making it useful in workflow branching logic.
Error Code is the Spanning Error Code.
Error User or Site is the UPN of the User or the URL of the SharePoint Site where the error was encountered.
Error is the error message from Spanning Backup for Office 365.

What’s Next?

We have plenty more features queued up for the rest of 2020.

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