Spanning Release Notes: Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 Launches UK Data Center

Good news for our customers and prospects in the EMEA region. Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 is extending its global data protection footprint and is now in the United Kingdom.

We understand that every business, regardless of its size, has its own unique requirements, which include maintaining data sovereignty and complying with stringent regulations. We received overwhelming requests from our UK client base for a simple and reliable means of protecting data. We support the idea of holding your valuable data in your preferred location to manage its sovereignty and enhance security. Therefore, in addition to our data centers in the US, EU, Asia-Pacific and Canada, Spanning has set up a brand-new data center in the UK as well. Our data centers are well distributed, highly secure, scalable and reliable to meet the unique needs of our customers.

How do businesses in the EMEA region benefit?

Our local data center helps businesses like yours in the following ways:

Maintain compliance and data sovereignty

The new regional data center helps organizations maintain data sovereignty and compliance. Our AWS UK data center demonstrates Spanning’s commitment to UK customer privacy and allows new customers to store their backup data entirely within the UK.

Security and encryption

Our UK data center also supports strict security requirements, such as SOC II Type 2 certification, encrypted transfer and managed encryption. This provides an extra layer of security for customers who want to use their encryption keys to secure backup data in the Spanning cloud.

Regional support

Spanning provides 24/7/365 support that makes sure our products are easy to use. We are just an email or phone call away from answering any questions you may have about our Global Data Center expansion and our products.

Take control of your Microsoft 365 data with Spanning Backup

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 is an enterprise-class, automated backup and recovery solution that protects your data against human error, malicious insiders, malware and ransomware, hackers, illegitimate deletion and programmatic errors. Spanning is unique in its ability to enable end users as well as administrators to quickly find and restore data to its original state in just a few clicks.

Our local data center protects the data of individuals, and our solution, which is available to customers now, is designed to keep SaaS-based data within the region while in transit or at rest. With Spanning’s regional data center options, maintaining compliance with stringent regulations and data sovereignty is now simple and easy. Please be sure to choose “UK” as your data center location at the time of installation.

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