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Welcome to our blog featuring thought leadership and best practices on SaaS backup and recovery, data protection and security, and regular product updates for Spanning Backup for Office 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

All-Time Access to Salesforce Data Now Possible With Spanning’s Off-Platform Access

Learn how our new feature allows you to access your Salesforce backups from a dedicated address independent of the Salesforce platform.


The SaaS Backup and Recovery Report 2022: What’s New in the SaaS Universe

The SaaS Backup and Recovery Report 2022 from Spanning provides new insights into the SaaS universe, the current state of SaaS data protection and what you should know to enhance your data protection strategy.


Cloud Backup: How It Works, Techniques, Pros and Cons

Cloud backup protects your business from data loss and costly downtime while enabling business continuity. Learn about how it works, methods, and more.


New Custom Alerts Notify Salesforce Admins of Data At-Risk

Spanning Backup for Salesforce offers custom alerts for anomalies that point to potential data loss risk, as part of Spanning’s affordable data protection solution for Salesforce. You set alerts to spot unusual activity on specific object types, and the custom alert will automatically notify you of potential trouble. (Even better? There’s no additional cost or tiered pricing for this new feature.)