The Best of Both Worlds – Why We’re Excited that EMC Has Acquired Spanning

Today is a huge day in the history of Spanning Cloud Apps, Inc.; EMC has acquired Spanning to be the foundation of their “born-in-the-cloud” data protection strategy in the Core Technologies Division. This is really exciting news and we’re tremendously honored. EMC is the biggest, baddest player in the data protection market, and their purchase validates our business and products as among the best for cloud application backup and recovery. This is incredible recognition of our technology, our people and the successful business we’ve built with the help of our awesome customers and partners worldwide.

Why did EMC buy Spanning?

Certainly, they liked our products, growing customer base, and reseller network. But what really tipped the scales was what they saw in our people, our approach, and our deep understanding of cloud computing and cloud-to-cloud backup. Our core values were one of the first things we presented during the due diligence process, and it showed EMC who we were, not just what we did. Spanning will be at the tip of the spear for EMC’s born-in-the-cloud data protection strategy while building out our industry-leading backup and recovery product portfolio for cloud applications. We will also identify integration opportunities within EMC’s portfolio of hybrid cloud data protection solutions to find a better way to manage and protect cloud application data. Our existing business processes, including reseller and partner relationships, will remain in place, and we will continue to do business under the Spanning brand.

Why did we agree to be acquired now?

We are an excellent fit with EMC – culturally, technically and strategically. Through our discussions with them we realized how much they valued Spanning; again, not just for our products or revenue stream, but for who we are. We are certain that we would continue to be successful as an independent company – our business has tripled over the past twelve months, our list of marquee customers has grown dramatically, and over 1.8 million people use our products. By any measure, Spanning has been killing it, and we were confident of continued success. But as we dug into the opportunity, we realized that virtually all of our business objectives could be achieved more quickly as a part of EMC. We are always looking for leverage to better serve our customers and partners, and EMC provides us a very big lever.

So this move provides the best of both worlds – the freedom to continue to be Spanning while, at the same time, gaining a huge advantage in the marketplace through sheer scale. Having a market-leading company behind us who is committed to allowing us to remain agile and innovative is a tremendous opportunity. This will also be outstanding for our customers and partners. Spanning will be a stronger company, ensuring that our customers will be able to count on us for their data protection needs for the long term, while our partners can confidently build businesses around our products.

This is an exciting new chapter for Spanning, and we look forward to what it will bring. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at