The Cure for the Really Horrible Salesforce Admin Day

Spanning Backup for Salesforce, now with Bulk Restore

Spanning Backup for Salesforce, Bulk RestoreIf you’re a Salesforce Admin who uses bulk data loading tools, or who has integrated other apps like Pardot or Marketo with Salesforce, this blog post is for you.

The ease and power with which you can automatically update large amounts of data in Salesforce via marketing automation tools like Pardot enables your pipeline to grow at compute speed. It also means that errors leading to data loss can happen at compute speed, such as overwriting tens of thousands of items with bad data in a minute or less. After speaking with a number of Salesforce Admins, Developers, and MVPs, we understood there was an urgent need to cut the risks from bulk data loss.

So, if a Salesforce Admin is having this kind of a bad day…

…Ran out of storage space in Salesforce, and decided to delete many items, some by mistake – then exceeded the Recycle Bin limit, triggering an autopurge…

…Made changes to 20,000+ records, some of which shouldn’t have been made…

…Spent hours filtering Weekly Export .csv files for lost data, then more time manually re-inserting the data…

…Spanning Backup for Salesforce has the cure with Bulk Data Restore.

The new Bulk Data Restore feature in Spanning Backup allows the admin to undo a delete or update in bulk quickly, easily, and automatically from a specified point-in-time. When using the bulk restore feature to restore updated or deleted items (whether currently in the recycle bin or permanently deleted), an Admin can restore all items in an object type at once, and choose whether or not to restore the related “child-grandchild” items when restoring the “parent” item.

Want to have this functionality available to help avoid those horrible, really bad Salesforce Admin days? Go to the AppExchange and trial it now, or learn more in our Knowledge Base here.

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