The (Sales)Force Awakens: Become a Jedi Knight of SaaS Data Protection

We’re ready for the Force to be with us this December. Well, yes, that Force (we’ve only been waiting since October 2012, JJ Abrams!), but also the force of excitement and engagement in the Salesforce user community. While you’re counting down the days till you find out how well Mark Hamill can wield a lightsaber 30 years after defeating the Galactic Empire, we’re counting down to a flurry of Salesforce activity this month. Join us, in a galaxy (not so) far, far away, to connect with other Salesforce users and learn about how to fully protect your Salesforce environment from the Dark Side of the Force, where data loss lurks like TIE Fighters in an asteroid field.

Meet Spanning at Salesforce World Tours in Atlanta and Dallas

When it comes to protecting your precious Salesforce data, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Make Yoda proud and become a Jedi Master of data protection as you learn how to automatically back up your entire Salesforce data set and restore it with one click when you meet the Spanning team at the Salesforce World Tour in Atlanta on December 9th, or in Dallas on December 17th. Trust us, these are the droids you’re looking for.

Attend a Live Webinar: How to Quickly Recover from a Salesforce Data Debacle

Salesforce admins all have experienced their classic “Han Solo” moments. You may find yourself doing a routine import, then all of a sudden, 500 records are munged; you overwrote good data with bad data. What do you do now? Not even Chewbacca and R2D2 can help thaw you from your carbonite prison of data despair. Learn how to rescue data yourself in this helpful webinar, Tuesday, December 15th at 11am CT, featuring Jeremy Whittington, Founder and CTO of Thinkaholics, and Lori Witzel, Salesforce MVP and Salesforce Backup Expert here at Spanning. You’ll walk away knowing that if you do experience a data compromise or loss, regardless of the scale, you can be the hero of your Salesforce galaxy.

If you, young Jedi, are ready to use the power of the Force of SaaS data protection, visit us in one of our World Tour stops and register for the upcoming webinar. Until then, may the force (and Salesforce) be with you.