Tired of the Weekly Salesforce Export? Volusion Found a Better Way with Spanning.

When Stephanie Herrera became Volusion’s Salesforce application manager, one of the first things she investigated was how the company was currently backing up data in this crucial SaaS application that acts as “the central nervous system” of the business, according to Herrera.

That’s when she became acquainted with the weekly export process – the standard-issue backup solution offered to all Salesforce users, requiring admins to download several CSV files at the end of every week. However, she quickly found several concerning gaps in this plan, not the least of which was that the export links provided each week by Salesforce expire after 48 hours (for more detail read the Volusion user story).

Luckily, Herrera was introduced to Spanning Backup at a Salesforce user group meeting and knew immediately that Volusion had to have the backup and restore solution to protect critical cloud data. Watch the video case study below to learn more about why Spanning Backup for Salesforce was the right choice for Volusion from every angle: price, user experience, support, and more.