Top Threats to Cloud Computing #2: Data Loss

This is part 3 of a 5 part series on cloud computing security. You can read part 1 herepart 2 herepart 4 here and part 5 here.

“Accidental deletion happens more often than a lot of people may think.”

This is very true; we see it firsthand on a daily basis. Losing data is easy to do and hard to recover from. In this article, Antone Gonsalves makes a great point:

“The potential financial impact from losing customer trust is why data loss is so high on the threats list.”

That’s right – while interruptions and business continuity can be expensive in terms of lost productivity, the bigger issue may be the way it makes you look in front of your clients. Not only could data loss cause your customers to lose faith and take their business somewhere else; depending on the kind of data lost, it could cause legal issues that could go on for years.

In the case of data loss, there’s really only one thing you can do:

Backup your data.

Back it up, monitor that backup, and make sure that if you accidentally lose something that you can restore it with just a few clicks. According to the article, in a January survey, “more than four in 10 [organizations] had lost data in the cloud and have had to recover it through backups.” Thank goodness they had backups in place at all; if you don’t, the results could be truly disastrous for your entire organization, both in terms of lost productivity and lost revenue from nervous clients.