Two New Features for Spanning Backup for Office 365

We are very pleased to announce two new features for Spanning Backup for Office 365 that we think will delight our Spanning Admins and your users. 

Contacts backup has been one of our topmost requested features for Office 365. We are pleased to announce that your users Contacts are now protected and backed up along with your mail, calendars, and OneDrive. Spanning includes Contacts backup for every licensed user. In the user interface, you will see a new Contact icon and users and administrators can restore contacts the same way they would any other content. No additional training required! 

For our customers that have SharePoint backups enabled, Site Collection Based backups is our way of saying, were getting more granular with your SharePoint data! If you are a Spanning Admin you will notice a new user interface for the SharePoint Site Collections. You can also control which sites you want to protect and easily see which sites have been deleted but are still protected by Spanning Backup for Office 365.

We hear from many customers that there are times when they need to delete their site collections and the backups as well. It might be for compliance reasons or other regulated purpose. No matter the reason, you can now deselect the site collection and Spanning will remove the site collection from our backup store after 30 days. This is a huge benefit to our highly regulated customers seeking to ensure that the data is purged from our systems.

If you don’t need all this granularity and just want to back up everything, you can simply choose Automatically Backup New Site Collections and we’ll take it from there. Any new team sites or sites associated with Groups and Microsoft Teams will be automatically protected. 

New customers will see these great new features right away. Our existing customers will get Contacts backup immediately and will be migrated to the new Site Collection based backups during October. 

And if you’re not yet a Spanning customer, schedule a full demo today.

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