UMD Robert H. Smith School of Business Protects Fighting Turtle Futures with Spanning Backup

When it’s your job to make sure that all technology services are delivered smoothly and rapidly across student, faculty, and staff members of one of the top-ranked business schools in the nation, there’s just no time to worry about data vulnerability in your Google Apps environment.

That’s the scenario that Christopher Gleeson, the Systems and Network Engineer for the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, finds himself in each and every day. A vital member of the IT team, Gleeson doesn’t have time to worry about data loss; instead, he needs to focus on high-priority strategic tasks. He needs reliable backup and recovery to be a given in his world. And that’s just what he gets with Spanning Backup.

Spanning Backup supports the school’s Google Apps for Education environment by providing daily, automated backup and easy, yet sophisticated point-in-time restore for all data stored in Google Drive, Sites, Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts. Spanning Backup for Google Apps even makes it easy for all users to resolve their own data loss incidents, without instruction or even involving IT – and that’s a big load off Gleeson’s mind. Now the entire school is able to work fearlessly and collaboratively in the cloud, and according to Gleeson:

“Everything has gone so well, we’re now much more comfortable in moving other services to the cloud, and we have Google and Spanning to thank for that.”

Find out more about the vital need for backup and restore for Google Apps for Education by watching the video below, and hear why Chris Gleeson is still thrilled with Spanning Backup after years as a customer.