Volusion Says Salesforce Data Is Now Much Safer with Spanning Backup

With services ranging from web design of e-stores to online marketing, payment processing, and Ecommerce analytics, it’s no surprise that Volusion’s customer base is wide and continues to grow at a rapid rate. And to track, contact, and serve these customers, Volusion uses Salesforce. Salesforce Application Manager, Stephanie Herrera, is charged with safeguarding this business-critical data — a job she takes very seriously.

“As an IT professional, you are basically controlling your company’s central nervous system, and you have to protect it. All of the work that your coworkers and peers have done could be lost in a second; and their efforts are worth backing up, aren’t they? I wouldn’t want to be the person that had to answer to my CEO as to why I didn’t make backup and recovery my top priority,” she says.

With a keen understanding of the importance of protecting customer information, reports, sales notes, and more stored in SaaS applications like Salesforce, Herrera wanted to make sure that Volusion’s data was being backed up each day and could be easily recovered in the event of data loss — like when an employee mistakenly changes or deletes a customer record or a bad sync wipes out an entire list in the database.

Volusion’s Salesforce Admin and Herrera were dissatisfied with the options offered by salesforce.com regarding backup and recovery. Specifically, the 48-hour window to download an export of Salesforce data and the significant hassle-factor involved in this process inspired Herrera and her team to seek a more robust and efficient option.

That’s when she found Spanning Backup for Salesforce, and we had her “at hello,” she says. To find out why, read our latest customer success story. In it, you’ll learn about a few notable gaps in Salesforce’s backup and recovery capabilities, why daily, automated backup and on-page, granular restore for Salesforce data is critical to Volusion, and the features included in Spanning Backup that make protecting Salesforce data almost too easy to be true.

About Volusion: Passion Makes Perfect

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