Want to Build Solid Code for SaaS? Introducing the Spanning Engineering Blog

At Spanning, we don’t just hire smart programmers, we hire curious and collaborative engineers that can turn coding into an art form. As American programmer Eric S. Raymond explains, “Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter.”

Immense creative and analytical skill is required to build products that reach customers as seamless, user-friendly solutions that help them do their jobs more effectively. Over the course of developing several such products, Spanning engineers have amassed a rich knowledge base in software development in the SaaS industry – and they’re now sharing it with the world.

The new Spanning Engineering Blog will feature posts from members of our engineering team who will provide a unique perspective as a code artisan on the Google Apps, Salesforce, or Office 365 product team; and it gives fellow engineers the opportunity to learn from them.

We encourage aspiring and experienced software developers to follow this new blog and connect with our experts here at Spanning. The latest post comes from Senior Software Engineer Brandon Mayes, team lead on the Spanning Backup for Salesforce product (and company high-scorer on Ms. Pacman).

Check out his article on long-running node processes here. In it, he reviews lessons learned while designing the Spanning Backup for Salesforce product, written in Node.js. You’ll also find an overview of our architecture that allows us to achieve high-availability, scalability, and performance when processing large amounts of data over an extending period of time.

If you’re an engineer that gets excited about the kind of material you see on Spanning’s new Engineering Blog, be sure to check out our career page and apply to join the team.