What Admins Need to Know About the Integrated World of Salesforce & Office 365 After Dreamforce “

Salesforce and Microsoft Partnership

Welcome home to everyone who attended Dreamforce ‘15, and welcome to the ever-more integrated world of Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365! While this year’s Dreamforce was much bigger than last year’s (registered attendees in excess of 160,000+), the biggest takeaway for this Salesforce MVP is how much more tightly integrated Office 365 is with Salesforce.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest-growing product ever, and the new tighter integrations with Salesforce we saw in keynote after keynote at Dreamforce should radically improve sales and services productivity, especially for enterprise-sized orgs. No longer will Salesforce users need to switch back and forth between these applications – their Office 365 work can be done in and through Salesforce – from any device.

With greater power and ease comes greater responsibility, of course – the responsibility for SaaS application managers to reduce the risk of data loss. As both Salesforce and Microsoft note, admins are ultimately responsible for backing up and being able to restore org data and metadata. Salesforce admins and Office 365 admins should collaborate on strategies to protect their organizations’ vital data from user error (and even admin error). Although some of the integrations won’t be generally available until later this year or next, the time to plan to mitigate the risk of data loss is now.

And if you think data loss won’t happen to you, think again. Among the stories I heard while I was at Dreamforce:

“We love that Salesforce is more integrated with Office 365 Mail…but one salesperson loaded in a mass list of ‘new’ contacts into Office 365, overwriting some good with bad, and spawning hundreds of duplicates – all of which flowed into our Marketing Cloud! It took us two full weeks to clean up the mess.”

“I was excited to see Salesforce Files integration with Office 365 OneDrive – but when a user deleted a File on their endpoint (their phone) thinking it would only delete on his phone, the file was deleted on OneDrive for every endpoint, and for those who he’d shared it with. How can we keep from losing Files through Office 365 deletions made in error?”

Be ready to take advantage of enhanced productivity as Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce integrate more closely. Spanning by EMC is focused on protecting your productivity so you can move your business forward faster. Spanning Backup is available for both Salesforce and Office 365 and provides automated, daily backup with fast, easy restores for when, not if, SaaS data loss events occur. If your organization is using both those applications and want a better way to “back that SaaS up,” you can trial us now, or request a custom demo.