What Are Users Saying About Spanning Backup?

One of the greatest parts of working at Spanning is that people say nice things about us on a frequent basis. Reading notes from happy clients is a great way to spend the day! Now of course, we do get some clients who see something missing or notice a bug, and we’re always happy to hear from them as well so we can make improvements. If you’re wondering if Spanning Backup is right for you, don’t take our word for it – listen to what our users have to say:

“Thank you so much for your time. Great service! It saved my bacon a few times already!”

 – Google Workspace Admin, Photography Company

“The enrollment process was so absurdly easy that I kept logging in, in disbelief that it was working correctly. It really does not get any easier than this. Brilliantly designed, the UX is perfectly thought out, and while (thankfully) we haven’t had a restore scenario, all of our Google data is backed up and accessible for emergency scenarios. At this price-point, a no-brainer.”

– Travis Van, ITDatabase

“I had a problem a few months back and lost all of my contacts. Spanning in a way ‘saved my world’ and I will never forget that. Happy to pay for the service and happy to say your support team is excellent!”

 – Marc L. Bass, Marc Bass Agency, Inc.

“Your interface is excellent.”

 – Google Workspace Admin, Resources & Consulting Company

“Thank you so much, that recovered my events! You just saved my [keister]!”

– Google Workspace Personal User

“I’ve been implementing, supporting, and training on Google Workspace for over 2 years now, and Spanning probably has the best backup solution for the suite that I have worked with. Simple to use, consistent and cheap pricing, and features that outstrip that of what Backupify offers quite easily. I have been pushing Spanning for all of my new Google Workspace customers since putting my hands on it. 6 stars!”

 – Derrick Wlodarz, Firelogic.net

“It started working at 4:30 EST, and I love Spanning. I have emailed everyone who uses Google to tell them the world has not ended…long live Spanning Backup!”

– Google Workspace Admin, Recreational Vehicle Rental Company

“Simple, reliable, easy to install, easy to train and best of all, low cost! This simply makes life easy on IT consultants. Best product out there for backing up Google Workspace.”

     – Jared Tanouye, eProject Direct

“Very happy with Spanning. I use GDrive in replacement of a local shared server for my small business. Our GDrive folder structure is very complex and Spanning backs it up every day perfectly with the folder structure intact. Spanning’s tech support and customer service is very responsive and prompt. Overall, we are extremely happy with Spanning.”

 – Salem Thacker, Kreger Thacker Attorneys at Law

“Easy to use and works consistently. It has helped make our conversion to Google Workspace go great. Thanks for building a great product.”

 – Ryan Westbrook, Briarwood Christian School

“Even Google has its share of issues. Being a consultant, I have seen a few instances of lost data. Even Google is not immune. I’ve been utilizing Google Workspace for years and one of my first priorities was ensuring I had good backups for my email, and calendar and documents. Spanning Backup was inexpensive, and easy to use and a ‘set and forget’ app that just works. You cannot go wrong with this product!”

 – Tim Millard, CMI-Tec

“Having our end users taking advantage of Google Workspace was a necessity, but our inability to properly backup their files was a critical problem. Spanning Backup met that need. It was extremely easy to install and configure and we are now secure in the fact that our users’ documents and emails are backed up and secure.”

– Dave Doeppel, Idealab

“Spanning Backup makes moving my critical data into the Google cloud environment a practical reality. It’s a simple, intuitive interface and does all the dirty work for you. I’m at ease and my users and executives are at ease. Thanks for making it so easy.”

 – Joe Stone, Compassion and Choices

“Took me less than 15 minutes from deciding to go ahead to having everything set up and working.”

 – Duncan Morris, Distilled Marketing

“A lot of the time, a good product is defined by its customer service. This product could stand alone with minimal customer support and still get a strong rating, however they have intentionally built customer service into their product which is why this company is so outstanding. To date they have delivered excellent customer support which is why I am sticking with them. They answer my questions via email within 4 to 8 hours, sometimes faster. They’ve made telephone support available to me as well. I strongly recommend you give this company a chance.”

– Peter, Google Workspace Admin

“Spanning Backup does exactly what it promises to do – it backs up every aspect of your Google account, be it mail, docs or calendars. Over the years, I, as well as many others, have amassed a great deal of emails and every website or service online as well as private and professional documents are being directed to online services such as Google’s over the cloud. Although I haven’t encountered even 1 lost bit of information over the past 12 years with Google, the mere thought of losing a password, being hacked or having my account blocked or deleted in some way terrorizes me. The truth is, email still centralizes all our engagements all over the web and that is a very big deal for a single email box. Having Spanning back me up is like having Xanax at all time. It just keeps me calm – just in case.”

– Ronen Mendezitsky, Gadgety

“I’ve used Spanning Backup (paid) from just about when it was available. I have tried half a dozen other similar apps. What more can I say? I think this is the best backup for our major Google stuff, and Support has always been fast and great.”

– Lester Ingber, Lester Ingber Research

“One of our customers lost/deleted a Google calendar. Valuable information would have been lost, but thanks to Spanning, they were able to retrieve the info in a snap. Great product and a must have for new Google Workspace customers!”

– Peter Daneels, Koma

“Google Workspace simplified my email and doc life until I had to start editing email weekly just to recover space. Your product now allows me to just backup and delete. Spanning rocks.”

 – Drake Sutton-Shearer, Regroupco.com

“As a Google Workspace reseller, I am evaluating marketplace apps for all my clients every week. This is the only easy to use backup solution with unlimited capacity. The ability for either user restores or admins masquerading as users to restore is simple and easy to use. I signed up for the demo when it was released a few months ago then upgraded to the final release recently. It just works and I fully recommend it to ALL Google Workspace users.”

– David Stone, D Revolution

This is just a handful of notes and reviews that we’ve received about Spanning Backup. To read more, you can visit the Google Workspace Marketplace. And to everyone who takes the time to give us feedback, thank you! We couldn’t keep making Spanning Backup better without you!