What to Expect from NEXT: Our Top 5 @GoogleNEXT

Google NEXT ‘19, one of the biggest conferences in the cloudverse is due in a couple of weeks from April 9-11, 2019.  Its USP is bringing together a spectrum of innovative thinkers — developers, influencers, customers and partners — with a common passion for the cloud. Three days of networking and interactive sessions by the cloud’s brightest peppered with intensive learning via free hands-on labs, certifications and bootcamps. NEXT also stays true to its cool quotient with immersive demos of the latest product innovations, and hundreds of pioneering breakout sessions.

Which makes it very tough for us to make our picks — here are five that we’ll be attending for sure….

How to Ace Google Workspace Adoption

Terabytes have been written about cloud adoption / migration, but it still manages to throw challenges to even the most prepared organizations. This panel of Google’s principal change management experts attempts a creative approach that is rooted in real-world examples of cloud migration. It’s inspired by the hugely popular (and helpful) concept of “fail conferences,” where entrepreneurs dissect their failures and lessons learned. Role play is used to describe common pitfalls and inevitable hiccups with practical ways to avoid or smoothen them. All to prepare your organization for a successful Google Workspace adoption.

We All Deserve to be Included: A Talk with Laverne Cox

Inclusivity matters. McKinsey reports that organizations with diverse environments are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. Establishing a “diverse” organization beyond it being just a chic buzzword, involves creating a Culture of Inclusivity across the organization. We All Deserve to be Included — a breakout session by equal rights advocate, Emmy Award-nominated actress of Orange Is the New Black, and Emmy Award-winning producer, Laverne Cox — is a step in the right direction. Gain actionable pointers from her path-breaking journey towards creating an inclusive and equitable organization.

A Smart and Connected Workplace With Google Workspace

Transforming your org with the cloud would fall short if the wealth of data and insights from employees, partners and vendors are not used to inform business decisions. This session with Google’s Product Management gurus, will showcase both Google Workspace’s current smart workplace capabilities, as well as planned enhancements to make it even smarter with Machine Learning and AI. Gain a competitive edge by driving your business decisions with real-time, actionable insights.

Delivering Connected Digital Experiences With APIs

APIs are revolutionizing CX. They hold the tremendous potential of being seamless connectors between the various channels, platforms and tools, thus making for an intuitive and seamless omni-channel customer experience. In this session, Google’s top engineering talent does a deep dive into the what, the why and the how of harnessing API’s potential to power digital strategy.

Drumroll…The Best Event @Next: Happy Hour

We’ve saved the best for last. The Next Best Event:Happy Hour promises to be a heady mix of innovative collaboration and a good time. Discuss latest product developments with Google’s premier partners and get insights to optimize your cloud ecosystem all while having a drink at Executive Order – San Francisco’s classiest cocktail lounge. Spanning is one of the co-hosts and we’d love to meet you there.

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