Why Google for Work Is More Than Just a Name Change

Last week, Google announced that Google Enterprise will now be known as Google for Work.

But is there anything there beyond a name change?

In terms of the product offering, no. But in terms of the direction that Google is headed and the things that they care about, yes. This represents a refocusing and a commitment to making products that enable all workforces. Google is in a sense saying to their existing and future customers, “We understand that you want to work the way you live, and we’re going to continue to make that happen.”

Google is also sending a message to Microsoft that they’re in the business application game for the long haul and have no plans to pick up their ball and go home.

The suite of services known as Google Apps for Work is already used by more than 5 million businesses and includes productivity and collaboration tools like Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Sheets, Slides and Calendar. At $5/user/month, it packs a tremendous amount of value into one highly accessible service offering for businesses both large and small.

Google is recognizing that organizations of all sizes – not just large corporations – need productivity and collaboration tools. Today’s businesses need to get up and running quickly to keep pace with the constant onslaught of new technologies, and Google for Work will help any business do exactly that.

And as large enterprises move their productivity and collaboration tools to the cloud, they still need to address data protection, compliance and security demands. That’s why we at Spanning are a key part of the Google Apps ecosystem and are thrilled to be a Google for Work Premier Technology Partner. Spanning Backup for Google Apps will continue to be there to help protect the data generated by and stored in Google Apps from loss, and we’re proud to be a part of the ecosystem that supports the continued “Googlization” of business.