World Backup Day is Here – Are You Prepared? Check Your SaaS App SLAs Before You Take the Pledge.

World Backup Day is upon us, encouraging everyone to avoid being an April fool by taking the pledge to back up all their important data. Sounds easy enough, right?

“I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”

Taking the pledge? Businesses beware.

For businesses, though, the pool of data that needs to be backed up extends beyond documents and personal files to customer, employee, and financial records, intellectual property, and other critical information that keeps the business running, making data loss anything but a practical joke. Much of this information is stored and managed in cloud applications like Salesforce and Google Workspace, and all too often, SaaS app users assume that they can confidently take this pledge, as they believe their vendors have backup and recovery handled for them.

Your SaaS providers don’t always have your back when it comes to backup.

It would be fantastic for these companies to take the pledge without any further thought or action, but we fear that many SaaS users are enjoying a false sense of security when it comes to the overall protection of their cloud data. If you are using cloud apps to run your business, it’s likely you’re under the impression that your vendors provide easy and effective backup and recovery as part of your terms of service. Unfortunately, in many cases, this simply isn’t true. According to Rachel Dines, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, in a blog post about enterprises that rely on SaaS apps:

“In cases where data is deleted accidentally or maliciously, tied to the account of departing employees, wiped out by rogue applications or lost during a migration, the vendor may or may not work with you to retrieve data from its backups. How well do you know your SaaS provider’s SLAs for retrieving data? Chances are, this isn’t something you’ve spent much time thinking about…Some vendors will help restore data, but only for a hefty fee, others will take no part in assisting you with restoring data, and the vast majority, simply don’t disclose their policies.”

She further discusses SaaS data protection in her January 2014, Forrester Research, Inc. Report, Back Up Your Critical Cloud Data Before It’s Too Late: Cloud-To-Cloud Backup Emerges As A Practical Option For Cloud Data Protection, a must-read for any company working with SaaS applications.

What all enterprises must do before taking the pledge

In light of this, we challenge all businesses utilizing SaaS applications to do one thing in addition to taking the World Backup Day pledge: Check your SaaS application SLAs first.  

Many cloud application users, especially those using Google Workspace and Salesforce, may be surprised to find that their providers don’t exactly offer the best in backup. As you can see from the screenshots below, these companies’ backup and recovery policies present serious problems for pledge-takers:

Get Spanning Backup to take the pledge with confidence.

The only way to ensure that your cloud application data is truly backed up in a way that it remains immediately accessible to you in the event of data loss is to work with a backup and recovery provider like Spanning.

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So, don’t be an April fool. Take the World Backup Day pledge and back up all your critical data – but first check your cloud application SLAs. You need to be assured that your backups are accessible to users and that rapid recovery of information is included (a process that preferably doesn’t cost an arm and a leg). Start protecting your business right away with backup and recovery you can trust, start a free 14-day trial of Spanning Backup for Salesforce or Spanning Backup for Google Workspace! Or, go all in and purchase Spanning Backup for Google Workspace today and save $5/user/year with the code BM7734.