You Are Now Free to Board the Cloud: Spanning Takes Backup to New Heights at EMC World 2014

Spanning is Las Vegas-bound! From May 5-8, Spanning will be exhibiting at EMC World 2014. The four day event is designed to serve as an educational forum for EMC customers, partners and professionals, in which attendees will discuss the top of mind issues in IT. And our theme this year: helping businesses take flight in the collaborative cloud environment.

Meet at Booth #829 to Safely Board the Cloud

Spanning’s mission has always been to give companies confidence to fearlessly manage data using SaaS applications, and we’ll be showcasing that mission through a fun and interactive campaign at EMC World. Attendees visiting the Spanning Booth may receive a limited edition t-shirt along with other cool Spanning swag – we’re also offering chances to win cash on the spot in the exhibitor showroom, but the only way to get details is to visit booth #829! Connect with us on Twitter during the show to be alerted to the giveaway times – follow #BackthatSaaSup @EMCWorld to stay tuned in! Even more excitement and education on backup and recovery for cloud applications will await attendees at the first-class affair, taking place at the Spanning booth.

If you, too, will be in Las Vegas for the event, be sure to stop by booth #829 to learn how you can safely board the cloud with backup and recovery, so your business can hit the ground running after implementing SaaS applications.

Catch Our Speaking Sessions at EMC World

Adding to the excitement, we will be featured twice in the EMC Select Technology Connect booth, where CEO Jeff Erramouspe will speak on Spanning’s behalf. There, he will explore the data challenges associated with cloud applications and announce that Spanning Backup for Google Workspace (the highest-rated, enterprise-grade backup and recovery for Google Workspace) and Spanning Backup for Salesforce (the industry’s first and only “in-app” backup and recovery solution for Salesforce) are now available through the EMC Select Technology Connect Program.

Presentations will be held Tuesday, May 6 at 3:30 – 3:45 p.m. PDT and Wednesday, May 7 at 11:30 – 11:45 a.m. PDT at the EMC Technology Connect Booth #1037, EMC World Solutions Pavilion.

Spanning will also be hosting its “Back that Saas Up!” speaking session in the EMC ASD booth #550 on Tuesday, May 6 at 3:00 p.m. PDT. The discussion will center around the questions, who’s protecting your critical business data in cloud applications like Salesforce and Google Workspace and how confident are you that it can quickly be restored? Attendees will learn why critical business data in cloud applications are at risk for data loss and how they can regain control of data and ensure it’s protected and available.

Not making the trip to Las Vegas this year? You can still get a preview of our presence there. Check out our video that tells the Spanning story, debuting at EMC World 2014.