FLEXspend for Spanning

Are you planning to migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365? Will on-prem servers migrate to Azure? Is your organization replacing PCs with Macs? No matter what your data protection requirements are, we’ve got you covered. With Spanning FLEXspend, you can simply reassign your committed contract investments flexibly from an unneeded Spanning licensing to another Spanning or Unitrends backup solution.

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Future-Proofing Your Business Continuity

Get predictable returns on your Spanning backup investment while matching your data protection needs by reassigning the investment to a different Unitrends or Spanning solution, even during a committed service contract. Our flexible licensing model lets you plan data backup and disaster recovery budgets and requirements without being locked into the underlying infrastructure or platform.

FLEXspend for Spanning Backup

With our revolutionary FLEXspend program, you can seamlessly replace any unneeded Spanning Backup solution with another Spanning or Unitrends solution that matches your organization’s needs, while also safeguarding your backup investment.

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Match Your Organization’s Needs Without Worrying About Sunk Costs

End-to-end data protection

Protect your data and workloads regardless of their location with the most complete backup portfolio in the industry. Defend your business from data loss and extended downtime.

Predictable and secure investment

IT teams waste up to 30% of their costs on multiple vendors whose solutions and licensing are locked into specific platforms. Escape solution lock-in with a program that allows IT teams the flexibility to reassign spend and confidently predict their data protection costs.

Power of adaptability

With FLEXspend, you can flexibly reassign your backup budget to any workload and data. Production data migration can be done safely and smoothly. You are provided with a migration period during which both data protection technologies are available simultaneously without any extra fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's say, for example, your organization leverages Google Workspace for productivity and collaboration. Leadership, however, decides that the organization is going to migrate from Google to Microsoft 365. With FLEXspend for Spanning, you can easily swap Spanning Backup Google licenses for Microsoft licenses.

This is also applicable if your organization decides to reduce your SaaS footprint and bring services back in-house, for which you would require an on-prem backup solution. You can convert Spanning licenses no longer needed for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or Salesforce protection to a Unitrends Backup Appliance or Unitrends Backup software to protect the on-premises workload.

No. FLEXspend for Spanning automatically safeguards your current and new Spanning Backup purchases. If your data protection needs change and you want to explore another solution, contact your Account Manager.

All current and future Spanning and Unitrends backup products are included in the program. Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365, Spanning Backup for Google Workspace, Spanning Backup for Salesforce, Unitrends Recovery Series appliances, Unitrends Backup software, Unitrends Backup for Microsoft Azure, Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs and Unitrends Endpoint Backup for Servers are all covered.

Yes. There is a 60-day migration with FLEXspend to allow time for IT to safely migrate production data. Both backup products will be active and available during this period at no additional charge. After the 60-day period, the original product licenses will be discontinued, and the payment attribution will switch over to the new module.

It's easy. Simply contact your Account Manager for the next steps.

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