Spanning Backup for G Suite

Backup for Google Drive (including Team Drives)

Spanning Backup for G Suite provides Google Drive backup (including Team Drives) that runs automatically in the background, enabling automatic backups that you can “set and forget.” That’s critical when you consider that Google can’t help you retrieve Google Drive and Team Drive files that have been accidentally deleted, lost to hacking, or corrupted during a bad sync.

Backup and Restore Anyone Can Do

An intuitive interface makes the Google Drive file recovery process so simple that non-IT users can do it themselves, without assistance from an admin.

Part of a Complete Solution for G Suite

Google Drive backup software is part of the complete Spanning Backup for G Suite solution that also has backup for Gmail, Calendar, Sites, and Contacts built right in.

Watch This!

See how to back up Google Drive files and recover deleted Google Drive files with just a few clicks.

Missing a single Google Drive file? Here’s how to find and restore individual files.

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