Backup for OneDrive

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365

Backup for OneDrive - Safeguard Critical Business Files

OneDrive is Microsoft’s enterprise file sync and share application, and it is rapidly becoming the primary location for Microsoft 365 users to create and access files. Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 ensures that these files are always protected and available for restore, keeping your users productive.

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 automatically performs daily backups of all files owned by users in OneDrive, retaining all previous versions (even if versioning has not been enabled), and providing unlimited storage. End users or admins can view a snapshot of what a user’s OneDrive site looked like from any historical version, and restore some or all of their files from that backup. They can also search across backups to finds specific lost files. With Spanning Backup, you can allow your users to collaborate with confidence: if a file is accidentally deleted or corrupted, you’ll be able to restore it rapidly back into production and keep work moving.

Key Features for Microsoft 365 OneDrive Backup

  • Automated and on-demand backup: Automate and generate on-demand backups of the user-owned data in OneDrive;
  • Granular restore: Allow users to view snapshots of OneDrive backups, and easily find and restore previous files that they own, even folders with the folder structure
  • Non-destructive restore: Restore deleted or lost files without overwriting existing data.
  • Search and restore: Search within backups and across backups to find and restore any version of files or folders; and,
  • Cross-user restore: Restore data back to the same account, or to any other account on the Microsoft 365 tenant.