Backup for Salesforce

Enterprise class, automated backup and recovery that you can trust for Salesforce data, metadata, attachments, customizations, and Chatter messages.

Protect your Salesforce data and your organization

with the recovery solution designed from the start to work natively within Salesforce. Spanning Backup provides enterprise-grade, automated backup and restore within the Salesforce interface. With Spanning, say goodbye to the manual Export Service, and instead enjoy daily, automated backup and rapid restore for all your critical data, attachments, files and metadata.

Trusted by more than 1.4 million users.


Why You Need SaaS Backup

Human Error
Illegitimate Deletion
Programatic Errors
Malicious Insiders
Malware and Ransomware


Comprehensive protection

Back it all up: base objects, custom objects, metadata, attachments, files, apps, and Chatter posts – with no limits on storage, versions, and durations. Back up data using your own encryption keys at no additional cost.

Spanning runs in the background, providing daily, automated backup at the time you specify – and discovers changes in your Salesforce org automatically for backup.
On-demand backup
You can run a manual backup any time, on-screen from Spanning in your Salesforce environment — useful before major imports or new customizations.
Status monitoring
View your customizable Spanning dashboard for the state of your most recent backups — with record counts of changes for your most important object types — and Salesforce API usage. Get backup and recovery notifications through Chatter posts and email.
Transparent reporting
Use the audit log for an immutable, detailed record of every action done by any user within Spanning. Drill down into any backup or restore for details, including error reporting and guidance.


SSAE 16 Compliance
Strong Encryption
Global Datacenters
Intrusion Detection
Compartmentalized Access
HIPAA Compliance
99.9% Uptime
Virtual Private Cloud
GDPR Compliant
Built on Amazon Web Service (AWS)
UE-EU Privacy Shield Certified


Point-in-time restore
Restore data and metadata from any point-in-time backup. It all goes directly back into your Salesforce environment the way it was, quickly and accurately.
Granular restore
Recover specific fields of a record, or entire records that were updated or deleted. Restore related child records, or overwrite field values during restore — you choose, then restore just what you need.
Metadata restore
Recover metadata into the same org or cross-org for 17 different metadata types, including Objects, Reports, Dashboards, Emails, Layouts, Triggers, Workflows, Classes, Pages and more, directly from Spanning and within Salesforce — without using other tools.
Cross-org restore
Easily restore data and metadata from one organization into another, with an option to anonymize specific fields during restores.
Sandbox Seeding
Quickly seed sandboxes with the option to anonymize specific fields.
Close Salesforce integration
Lightning certified and built directly into the Salesforce interface, Spanning makes recovery a seamless, intuitive part of the Salesforce experience.
End user self-restore
Save Admins time by empowering your Salesforce end users with on-page restores. They can quickly restore those fields of records they have edit rights to, directly from the record pages.

One Simple Plan, Every Feature

$48 /user / year volume pricing available

for unlimited storage of all your Salesforce data


  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited retention
  • Automated daily backup
  • On-demand backup
  • Custom Objects backup
  • Attachment backup
  • Metadata backup
  • Customization backup
  • apps backup
  • Chatter backup
  • Customizable backup time


  • Point-in-time restore
  • Direct, on-page restore button
  • Field-level restore
  • Deleted items restore
  • Metadata restore
  • Parent-child relationship restore
  • Cross-org restore
  • Sandbox Seeding
  • Data anonymization
  • Search-based restore
  • Bulk items restore
  • Whole account exports
  • End user self-service restore
  • CSV import restore
  • Point-in-time metadata comparison

Administration & Reporting

  • API usage monitoring
  • Configurable API limits
  • Error correction suggestions
  • Status updates through Chatter
  • Status update emails
  • Immutable audit log
  • Lightning Certified

Estimate Your Cost

Volume pricing available

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Every time I check, the backup is going perfectly. The data is always 100% backed up.
Senior Manager
The most important thing Spanning Backup has allowed us to do is focus on our business.
Director of IT Services
So much Peace of Mind for so Little Cost!
Director of Salesforce & Business Systems
Spanning’s on-platform implementation is one of the best we have ever seen.
Director of Sales & Insight Practice
Spanning has allowed us to dive into a custom metadata clean-up project without fear.
Salesforce Business Analyst
I love getting the daily emails that remind me I am 100% protected.
Sales Operations Manager
It's a very economical backup solution and gives us the security of having our backups off site. I would highly recommend.
Salesforce Developer
The solution is tightly integrated, easy to use, and a great peace of mind, since the tool does the rest for you.
Sr Salesforce Business Systems Analyst
One and half years down the track we are happy Spanning customers. We have saved countless hours of manual work.
Salesforce Administrator
We looked at a number of solutions, but Spanning was easy to setup, has the features we needed and just works. It is quick and easy to use.
It eliminates all the frustrations I had with the out of the box solution. I recommend this app to everyone. It is a must have!
IT Programmer Analyst
We switched to Spanning after a couple years with a competitor and the difference has been like night and day.
Customer Information Manager
This is a zero effort solution for me. Every week, it does its thing.
IT Project Manager and Salesforce Admin
With Spanning we installed it, and haven't had to touch it since… Restoring information is simple and quick.
Systems Analyst
The product does what is supposed to at a great price. We are very happy with the solution.
IT Manager
Searching for the records and restoring them, with the children records, was a breeze.
Sr. Project Lead
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