Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Protect Salesforce data and metadata with enterprise-grade, automated backups, and point-in-time restore.




Spanning Backup for Salesforce works in Salesforce, so there’s no easier way to back up and restore your Salesforce data – from user-generated reports and email templates to objects, files, and metadata. Everything is backed up daily and always available for fast point-in-time, granular restoration whenever data is overwritten or deleted.

Set It and Forget It

Enjoy peace of mind knowing all your Salesforce data is automatically backed up every day, at a time you specify. That includes metadata, attachments, customizations, and Chatter messages, so if your original data is overwritten or deleted in error, you won’t have to worry about trying to recreate what you lost.  

Spanning Backup for Salesforce also provides the flexibility to do backups on demand. For example, users can take a snapshot of Salesforce data prior to data imports or before applying customizations. And administrators can capture a point-in-time backup of the entire org prior to making large data or customization changes.

Have It Your Way

Use the customizable dashboard to monitor your daily Salesforce backups and quickly review their status, including new and updated data, changes to metadata, and any errors or warnings that may need attention. You can also monitor and control the number of API calls used by Spanning Backup each day.

Enjoy complete confidence in your backups with a detailed, actionable status history you can use to monitor backup activity. It comes complete with guidance on how to easily resolve backup errors, and every action is recorded in an immutable audit log.

Get What You Need

Restore Salesforce data any way you like:

  • Point-in-time restore of previous versions of records in two simple steps
  • Single-item restore, available anywhere you see a Universal Restore button
  • Bulk item restore to restore some or all items from a particular point in time
  • Deleted item restore of permanently deleted items (in order and with related records intact)
  • Secure restore, which enforces field-level security by performing restores as the user who’s logged in
  • Cross-org restore, with the ability to send backup data to another Salesforce org or Sandbox
  • Multi-Object restores for same-org and cross-org, saving significant time for populating sandboxes or recovering from data disasters while preserving relationships

In addition, export capabilities include data export from any previous backup with the option to select items to export.

Make It Easy On Yourself

Spanning Backup for Salesforce is fully integrated with Salesforce, so you can automatically receive backup and recovery updates right in the app, via Chatter. And, if you’re on or moving to Salesforce Lightning Experience, we are certified Lightning-ready.

Spanning constantly monitors all backup, restore, and export activities, and sends proactive notifications in your status dashboard of any errors or issues. These management features are all available on the go with the Spanning Backup for Salesforce1 Mobile App.

You also get unlimited storage and backup versions for all your Salesforce data, a choice of backup destinations (US or EU) to meet data sovereignty requirements for your organization, and you can even manage your own encryption keys if needed.




Learning how to back up Salesforce is so easy, it only takes a few minutes to go over everything you need to know.

Join us on a walk-through that includes easy-to-understand explanations of the features, how-to content for users and admins, and information to help ensure you’re getting the most from the software.






Our approach is designed to provide enterprises of all types and sizes with full protection for their Salesforce data.

Pricing starts at $48/user/year with discounts for volume and multi-year purchases, and 25% off for qualified nonprofits. Contact us for a quote today.



Like what you see? Try a non-restricted version of Spanning Backup for Salesforce free for 14 days. When you’re ready to purchase, simply convert your trial licenses to paid licenses, and your backups will continue seamlessly.



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