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Phishing and Account Compromise – Fighting the Social Engineering Threat to Microsoft 365

In this webinar, we detail the steps involved in building a business case for an Office 365 or G Suite backup solution while providing an ROI model to [...]

Expert Q&A: State of Office 365 Protection

In this webinar, we detail the steps involved in building a business case for an Office 365 or G Suite backup solution while providing an ROI model to [...]

Building the Business Case for Office 365 and G Suite Backup

In this webinar, we detail the steps involved in building a business case for an Office 365 or G Suite backup solution while providing an ROI model to [...]

Office 365 Data Protection for the COVID-19 Economy

COVID-19 has caused a massive increase in the usage of Office 365 as both a platform for collaboration and as a repository for sensitive and confident [...]

Protecting Office 365 Data and Credentials in a Work from Home World

Office 365 data faces threats from every direction. Learn about the numerous threats to your Office 365 data and see how Spanning can help mitigate th [...]

The ROI of Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Decision makers are often skeptical of Office 365 backup. They rarely can wrap their heads around a solution that doesn’t increase their margins. Th [...]

Covering Your Assets: Office 365 Data Protection Measures for End Users and Administrators

What options are available to end-users and admins to safeguard and recover lost content in Office 365? Learn how you can protect your content from th [...]

Spanning Product Line Overview

Learn about our backup and recovery solutions for Office 365, Salesforce and G Suite, and why Spanning Backup is the right choice to protect your busi [...]

Getting your cloud strategy on solid ground: Protect data in cloud apps with PHI

If your organization manages e-PHI in cloud applications, the information in this whitepaper is key to keeping your organization compliant and product [...]

SharePoint Backup — Demo Video: Spanning Backup for Office 365

Learn how to protect SharePoint document library contents in Team Sites, Group Sites & Microsoft Teams with Spanning Backup for Office 365 SharePoint [...]

Office 365 Backup — Product Demo Video: Spanning Backup for Office 365

Protect your SharePoint, OneDrive, Mail, and Calendar data with Spanning Backup for Office 365. Take a tour of our intuitive user interface. [...]

InZone Industries User Story: Spanning Backup for Office 365

As far as InZone Industries is concerned, there’s no better solution for backing up Office 365 data than Spanning Backup for Office 365. [...]

End User Training — Demo Video: Spanning Backup for Office 365

Welcome to Spanning Backup for Office 365! Start protecting your Office 365 data by following along in this tutorial. [...]

Complying with SaaS Data Management Principles: Australia and New Zealand

Review the key considerations and primary regulatory issues that organisations must consider as they prepare to adopt services such as Microsoft Offic [...]

3-Step Guide to SaaS Data Protection

Moving critical data from on-premises apps to cloud-based apps like Salesforce, Office 365, or G Suite? Follow these steps to ensure that your SaaS da [...]

3-Step Guide to Protecting Data in Office 365

You’ve made the move to Office 365 to reap the benefits of the cloud. Now, to ensure business continuity and to meet compliance demands you need to [...]

Next Generation Data Protection & Cloud Backup — On-Demand Webinar

Join Steven Hill, Senior Analyst at 451 Research and Mat Hamlin, Director of Products at Spanning by Dell EMC, in this recorded webcast as they discus [...]

Microsoft 365 Backup: The Definitive Guide

Now that you’ve found the perfect productivity solution in the cloud, it’s time to get to know your options for keeping your data in Office 365 sa [...]

Planning for Office 365 Data Loss — On-Demand Webinar

In this session, learn what Microsoft does to protect your data, the gaps in Microsoft's data protection that make it possible for you to lose data fr [...]

The Truth About SaaS Data Adoption, Data Loss & Cloud Data Protection

Fact or fiction? Get the real scoop on SaaS adoption, data loss, and data protection across the globe. [...]

Global Data Protection Survey Report 2016

Review the latest trends in the SaaS industry with findings from our 2015 research in the U.S. and U.K. Are the changes in the Safe Harbor agreement m [...]

Solution Overview: Spanning Backup for Healthcare

If you're managing healthcare data and e-PHI in SaaS applications, you're at the cutting edge of your industry. But have you addressed the compliance [...]

Office 365 Data Protection Best Practices — On-Demand Webinar

Many organizations have migrated, or are in the process of migrating at least part of their IT services into Office 365. Whether your organization is [...]

On-Demand Webinar: Office 365 Backup & Recovery: What should your organization be considering?

Listen to Theresa Miller, Windows IT Pro contributor & Mat Hamlin, Director of Products at Spanning by EMC as they discuss Office 365 backup & recover [...]

10 Reasons You Need SaaS Data Protection for Office 365

Your mission: find out why SaaS data protection is critical to success with Office 365. See the infographic to complete this mission and learn how to [...]

Don’t Play Games with Your Data – Why You Need to Back Up Microsoft Office 365

Cloud service providers like Microsoft aren't the data protection force fields for critical data that many users expect. Read this free eBook to find [...]

On-Demand Webinar: 6 Ways to Cover Your SaaS in 2015

If you are using SaaS applications like Google Apps, Salesforce or Office 365, you know how great the cloud can be for collaboration and productivity. [...]

Data Loss Prevention with Backup & Restore — Jeff Erramouspe Interview

CEO of Spanning, Jeff Erramouspe, discusses data loss in cloud applications and how Spanning's backup and restore solutions can eliminate the risk of [...]

Backing up Software-as-a-Service Applications

“Why do I need to back up my SaaS applications?” It’s a question we hear on a frequent basis. In this analyst report, Deni Connor and Earl Folli [...]

On Demand Webinar: CSA, Skyhigh and Spanning Cloud Apps

Do compliance audits put your organization on high alert? Watch this webinar to learn the top three ways to take the stress out of the audit process. [...]

On-Demand Webinar: SaaS Data Protection – Building a Bridge to Manage Risk and Ensure Compliance

Check out this live webinar featuring Jason Buffington of ESG and Jeff Erramouspe and Mat Hamlin of Spanning Cloud Apps as they discuss the issue of d [...]

Slideshare: Making SaaS Data Protection a Priority Before It’s Too Late

According to an exclusive new survey of IT and business managers from IDG Research, organizations are taking a more reliable and efficient approach to [...]