ESG Research: SaaS Data Protection – A Work in Progress

Organizations are increasingly relying on SaaS for many of their mission-critical applications and workflows. As a result, a significant amount of business-critical data related to such applications now resides in the cloud. That’s why ensuring the data is backed up, available and recoverable is essential for business continuity.

However, there’s a misunderstanding about the responsibility of protecting SaaS data. Although application uptime is the responsibility of SaaS providers, the availability and protection of data are customers’ responsibilities. When unaddressed, this data protection gap exposes organizations to potential data loss, compliance and governance violations and general operational risks.

This eBook shares findings from a recent survey report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), where they surveyed 398 IT professionals from the U.S. and Canada who are familiar with and/or responsible for SaaS data protection technology decisions within their respective organizations.

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  • Key trends and requirements for successful high availability and data protection strategies for SaaS environments
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