Highlighting Data Protection: Preventing Data Loss in Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education: Did You Know You Need Backup?

Educational institutions are adopting and manipulating Google Apps for Education in new and creative ways each day.

Yet in spite of several advantages of the software, there are a few unexpected and notable challenges that adoption of Google Apps for Education presents. Did you know that Google cannot protect you from data loss due to human error, hacking, malicious behavior, sync malfunctions, and mistakes in collaboration?

Use this eBook to help you understand the major problem you didn’t know you had: data loss in your Google Apps environment. You may think your school is fully protected, but without a backup and recovery solution, your teachers, administrators, students, and critical data remain at risk.

After reading, you’ll understand:

  • Google’s limited ability to protect you from data loss
  • Why you need backup and recovery for Google Apps for Education
  • How to find the right backup software for your school

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