The ROI of G Suite Backup

It’s a challenge for IT professionals to explain the business value of G Suite backup to decision-makers. It’s no surprise many IT managers find getting budget approvals for G Suite backup such a daunting task.

This eBook aims to educate decision-makers on why the business needs G Suite backup. Build a strong business case for a G Suite backup solution by quantifying the value of it.

This eBook contains instructions to use the Spanning Backup ROI Calculator, and generate a personalized ROI report which breaks down the value of G Suite backup into dollars and cents. Share the report with decision-makers and get the budget approvals you need for a robust G Suite backup solution.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • The false perceptions around G Suite security
  • The business value of using a G Suite backup solution
  • The real value of G Suite backup with our ROI calculator

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Spanning Bakcup for G Suite or Office 365

Generate a personalized SaaS backup ROI report to help quantify the value of your backup solution. Use the insights to get budget approvals for a robust backup solution that meets your needs.