Spanning Continuity Cookbook 2022 – Holiday Edition

There are no vacations for IT professionals. They work tirelessly round the clock, even on weekends and holidays. Amidst such a tight schedule, they need a moment of respite to leave work-related stress behind and indulge in making a few of their favorite dishes.

Our cookbook, “The IT Chef: Cook Up a SaaS Continuity Solution,” is dedicated to all such IT professionals. It includes lip-smacking recipes and essential SaaS backup solutions that enhance your meals and data protection strategy – all at the same time.

So, spice up your life with a robust backup plan and some exciting recipes:
• Drink: Don’t Mull Over SaaS Backup Any Longer (Mulled Wine)
• Appetizer: Anything They Can Do, Spanning Can Do Feta (Whipped Feta)
• Main: SaaS Protection That Has Some Meat to It (Roast Turkey)
• Dessert: Protection as Sweet as Pie (Pumpkin Pie)

Happy Holidays!

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