Salesforce Admin and Developer Survey: 3rd Annual State of the Admin Survey

Salesforce Admin Forecast: Clear Skies Ahead  

Spanning’s Third Annual State of the Salesforce Admin Survey reveals the forecast and current conditions for Salesforce admins and developers (or both!). This year, we surveyed Salesforce administrators (this time including Salesforce Developers) and received over 500 responses.

Recent reports highlight the growing demand for employees with Salesforce skills (over 300,000 job postings in just the past year!), and demand for Salesforce developers and administrators more than tripling. This year’s survey shows the tremendous career value for our friendly Salesforce admins and also alerts us to a potential risk for data loss that remains.

Did you know?

  • Salesforce admins are more diverse than traditional IT folks – 63% are female, only 28% have a “traditional IT” background
  • 64% of respondents have at least 1 certification and 89% of Salesforce admins have completed Trails in Trailhead to learn more about Salesforce
  • 75% of Salesforce Admins use 3 or more AppExchange apps
  • Only half of the admins use the Weekly Export as their backup and recovery solution

Take a look at the #SFAdminForecast to see more of  the current conditions of this Salesforce Admin Community and what the forecast looks like in the seasons ahead!

3rd Annual Salesforce Admin Survey