Game Over, Data Loss! The Numbers Behind the Need for SaaS Data Protection.

SaaS data protection is no game.

Moving to the cloud gives your organization the freedom to collaborate and innovate more efficiently than ever. However, it doesn’t mean you’re free of one very important obligation: data backup and accessibility.

Many cloud users wrongfully assume that SaaS providers have backup and recovery totally covered for them, but in reality, their data is vulnerable to data loss from several threats. Check out the numbers behind SaaS data loss and learn about the vital need for backup and restore in this infographic.

For an in-depth lesson on SaaS data loss in Office 365, download our free eBook, Don’t Play Games with Your Data: Why You Need to Back Up Office 365. In it, you’ll find:

  • Important facts you should know about existing Office 365 backup policies;
  • What the main causes of SaaS data loss are and why Microsoft can’t help you recover from them;
  • The costs and effects of data loss; and,
  • How you can prevent data loss with one critical solution.