Making SaaS Data Protection a Priority Before It’s Too Late

Warning: SaaS Data at Risk

The latest report from IDG Research shows some alarming trends across users and administrators of SaaS applications like Google Workspace and Salesforce. This tech-savvy bunch is leaving the protection of their SaaS data up to their SaaS providers. “That’s a scary proposition,” says Jason Buffington, senior analyst and data protection expert at Enterprise Strategy Group Inc.

Key Findings:

  • Nearly half of organizations were relying on their SaaS provider for backup, despite the fact that experts agree this is insufficient.
  • 95% of organizations believe their SaaS provider can/will easily restore their lost data.
  • 58% of businesses surveyed had experienced SaaS data loss in the past year.
  • 31% are considering investing in backup & recovery for SaaS applications after a data loss incident.

Don’t wait for data loss to strike before you educate yourself about your data protection responsibilities in a SaaS relationship. Check out the infographic from IDG Research and Spanning, and if you’d like to learn more about how to take charge of your SaaS data, you can read the full report here.


Cloud Data Security Infographic: Do Top SaaS Providers, Google Workspace & Salesforce Protect Your Data?