The Right Way to Secure Your SaaS Backup

Is your data backup truly secure?

Spanning’s whitepaper, Securing Your SaaS Backup, details the need for organizations to go beyond the security natively provided by SaaS platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365.

This infographic illustrates the four key points that organizations need to consider in order to ensure they have the proper backup solution in place:

  • What format is your data transferred and stored in?
    • Understanding the power of encryption and how to properly manage it
  • Where is your data stored?
    • The need for data centers to meet various compliance standards
  • How does your backup provider connect with your email and collaboration systems?
    • Ensuring that access to your applications — Google Workspace and Office 365 — is secured
  • Who has access to your backup system?
    • Active supervision and auditing of those with privileged access to your backups

Click the infographic to take a closer look at the issues above and download the full whitepaper to be assured you have all bases covered when choosing a backup and recovery solution.


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An infographic detailing data points from the "Securing Your SaaS Backup" whitepaper, including causes of SaaS data loss and questions to ask regarding the security of your SaaS data.