Don’t Let an Ass Jack Your SaaS: Understanding Google Workspace Data Threat Profiles

Don’t Let an Ass Jack Your SaaS

These characters are the reason why over 75% of businesses that use SaaS applications like Google Workspace suffer a data loss incident each year.

The Smartasses

Intentionally mess with your Google Workspace data, costing you time and money.

the malicious insider mugboard - malicious insider
the hacker mugboard - hacker
the merchant mugboard - merchant

Hugh Jass


  • The Bad Burro

Crimes: Deletes, modifies and corrupts data for personal gain, retribution, or just to cause damage.

Involved in almost 25% of all electronic crime events.

Hattie “Hack” Astor


  • The Moscow Mule

Crimes: Spreads viruses, malware and ransomware. Launches phishing attacks to steal credentials and take over accounts.

Steals IP, perpetrates business email compromise, drains financial accounts and commits other types of cyber fraud.

Cyrus “Cy” Burnett


  • The Darkweb Donkey

Crimes: Sells your users’ credentials on the Dark Web.

Bankrolls hackers and enables the success of lucrative Account Takeover (ATO) attacks.

The Dumbasses

Unknowingly mess with your Google Workspace data, resulting in expensive consequences.

the lazy programmer mugboard - the lazy programmer
the junior admin mugboard - the junior admin
the clueless user mugboard - the clueless user

Ike Kant-Codewell


  • The Lazy Ass

Specialty: Writes apps and scripts that cause sync errors.

Architects software that does not meet Google’s criteria for listing on Google Workspace Marketplace.

Barry Badadmon


  • The Boss’ Nephew

Crimes: Accidentally deletes user accounts and team document stores.

Incorrectly configures policies and writes bad scripts that result in data deletion.

Dawn Keigh-Hotay


  • The Partay Donkay

Crimes: Constantly “loses” emails and files and needs IT help to “find” them. Clicks on suspicious links, downloads questionable files, and uses their work email on all kinds of websites.

Everyday human errors account for up to 64% of data loss incidents.

Get Badass
Google Workspace data protection from Spanning

Integrated Dark Web Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring alerts Google Workspace administrators when employee emails and passwords have been compromised, enabling them to take proactive steps to secure accounts at risk. Leverage Google Workspace and Spanning audit, reporting and search capabilities to determine if malicious activity has taken place and restore any corrupted data in just a few clicks.
Automated Backup
Automated Google Workspace backup that auto-discovers new and/or altered content to back up. This takes place as part of a recurring, incremental backup process that runs quietly in the background every day without any additional effort from your admins or users.
Point-in-time restore
Restore content from the latest Google Workspace backup of a known good state. With daily, automated backup and unlimited on-demand backup at your disposal, you have the power to restore data from any previous date in which Spanning was in place. Regardless of when the data was altered or lost, your organization will have a backup point to count on.
Transparent Reporting
Use the audit log for an immutable, detailed record of every action done by any user or admin within Spanning Backup for Google Workspace. You’ll see a list of activities that have taken place and will be given information about what was done, who it was done by, and when it happened. The audit log can also be exported to a CSV file at any time for analytical and reporting purposes. Every action concerning your Google Workspace backup is recorded to provide maximum transparency and accountability.

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