Salesforce Metadata Backup & Restore: Spanning Backup for Salesforce


Spanning Backup for Salesforce: Metadata Restore

Spanning Backup for Salesforce features the ability to restore metadata components directly back into your Salesforce org.  In this video, learn how you can restore backed up metadata components back into your same org, or into another org.

Restoring metadata back into your Salesforce org helps solve many use cases, such as:

  • Restoring specific metadata items that were modified or deleted – Dashboards, Reports, Email, Layouts, Objects, Permission Sets, Profiles, Roles, Triggers, Workflows, Classes, Pages, Flows and Flow Definitions.
  • Restoring metadata due to deployments gone wrong, both within a single org and between production and sandbox orgs.
  • Restoring metadata before an object restore, to ensure that the object restore completes successfully.
  • Restoring metadata between two different orgs, such as restoring data from a production environment into a sandbox.  This is useful when trying to populate sandboxes to be used for development or testing.


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