New Forrester Report: Back Up Your SaaS Data — Because Most SaaS Providers Don’t

We’re on a mission to help every company using key SaaS applications protect against data loss. Why? Because data loss doesn’t have to be a disaster.

In a recently updated Forrester report, Back Up Your SaaS Data — Because Most SaaS Providers Don’t, Naveen Chhabra states that backing up SaaS application data is your responsibility and it’s the only practical option for SaaS Data Protection.

Read an excerpt below or download the full report.

Why Read This Report

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a popular element of a sound technology strategy. While almost all SaaS vendors explicitly state that protecting data is the customer’s responsibility, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders usually send critical data to those providers without any plan for ensuring data resiliency. Back up SaaS data or risk losing customers, partners, and employees. Stop leaving the door open to data loss, and start proactively protecting cloud data before it’s too late. This report helps I&O leaders navigate the landscape of SaaS services and data recovery.

Key Takeaways

Backing Up SaaS Application Data Is Your Responsibility

Nearly every SaaS provider explicitly states in its terms and conditions that clients are responsible for protecting their own data. You must plan data protection for every new SaaS service to which you subscribe.

Cloud-To-Cloud Backup Is The Only Practical Option

It’s not practical to custom-develop adapters or connectors that protect SaaS application data. You must engage cloud-to-cloud backup providers, as they can leverage their experience to add support for new services quickly.

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