Tech Trends & Insights 2022/2023 Survey Report

We surveyed more than 650 IT professionals worldwide to learn about their technology-related priorities, concerns and how they adapt their approaches toward remote monitoring and management, application delivery, security, and data backup and disaster recovery to support today’s hybrid workforces in a digital global economy.

The result is a wealth of data and insights that range from how organizations are leveraging cloud-based technologies, to improving security posture with defense-in-depth practices and what are the “must-haves” to keep pace with the evolving technology landscape.

Key Findings:

  • Phishing is the top cybersecurity concern for both SMBs and MMEs
  • Threat actors are penetrating cybersecurity defenses with startling efficacy
  • Despite data loss and other risks, a significant minority of both SMBs and MMEs do not back up SaaS application data

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