Clifton College Keeps Google Apps Data Safe with Spanning Backup

From office staff exchanging business data via Google Mail, to students and teachers sharing assignments on Google Drive, Clifton College uses Google Apps extensively for both administrative and academic purposes. The college relies on Spanning Backup for Google Apps to deliver a high-performing, yet easy-to-use, solution for keeping all this critical data safe.

“Spanning Backup is a great product that fills a gap Google doesn’t address,” says Edwards. “It allows us to back up all of our Google Apps data in a secure way and, in doing so, provides an additional layer of protection for all of our files and email.”

That layer of protection is particularly critical for an educational institution, as Edwards explains. “You’re backing up not only core line-of-business data, but also confidential student data and work that could mean the difference between passing and failing their exams,” he says. “A loss of data could impact their whole lives.”

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