Spanning Backup Tames Data Risks for the Chattanooga Zoo

The Chattanooga Zoo is a lively, collaborative environment, focused on bringing the best experience to its visitors through attentive care and preservation of its wildlife. And this takes a great deal of cooperation and coordination between people and technology. The zoo’s use of Google Apps facilitates this collaboration and helps its employees stay organized and agile so they can deliver the best possible experience to both the zoo’s guests and residents. 

However, IT Specialist Blake Curtis, responsible for maintaining the zoo’s Google Apps environment, knew that the benefits of using their cloud applications could only be fully enjoyed if the data stored in those apps could be securely backed up and recovered in the event of data loss. “Because there’s more interaction with data – more mouse clicking, syncing, and other activities – there’s also more risk,” explains Curtis. “Whether it’s intentional or accidental, we always have to consider the possibility of data loss.” 

That’s why he began searching for the best backup and restore solution for the Chattanooga Zoo. Learn more from Blake Curtis about the need for backup and recovery for Google Apps, and find out why his free 14-day trial of Spanning Backup quickly convinced him that Spanning was the right choice.